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When it came time to design a rimfire specific suppressor, we went back to the drawing board with a different approach. With the majority of rimfire ammunition being inherently “dirty” in respect to centerfire rounds, being able to clean and service was a priority. Our taper seal design allows the user to service and clean the suppressor, even between several thousand round cleaning intervals.

Manufactured completely out of Titanium, the Swarm is not only full auto rated (22LR) but will hold up to the harshest of cleaning methods. The Swarm’s modular design allows the user to configure their specific needs easily and with only 1 standard tool. Our unique blast baffle and baffle stack design produces a lower FRP (First Round Pop) and quieter overall average than traditional baffle and monocore designs.


-Full Titanium Construction

– Modular design

– Unique Blast baffle/ Taper seal Baffle stack

-No proprietary tools required for disassembly

– 1/2″-28 Thread



Rated Calibers: 22LR, 22 Short, .22 Magnum, .17 HMR

Length: 6.1” Full Configuration, 4.5” Short (K) configuration

Diameter: 1.0”

Weight: 4.5 oz. Full Configuration, 3.0 oz. Short (K) Configuration

Full Auto Rated: Yes (.22LR)



Tube: Grade 9 Titanium (3al/2.5 V)

Endcaps/ Baffles: Grade 5 Titanium (6al/4V)



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