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We set out to build the quietest and most reliable semiautomatic .22LR platform available, so we started with America’s favorite .22LR autoloader, the Ruger® 10/22™. Its simple design is inherently reliable, accurate, and user serviceable. After countless hours of R&D, we created the best integral suppressor for the 10/22™ on the market today. The EOS-22 integrally suppressed barrel upgrade, reliably keeps standard and high velocity ammunition subsonic through its Patent Pending design. It not only has excellent decibel reduction, but it also has a much more pleasant low tone than others on the market. The EOS-22 also does not need to be disassembled and cleaned like a traditional rimfire suppressor. Simply rotating the ultra-tough titanium sleeve cleans off the buildup. The EOS-22 can be fired thousands of times without requiring disassembly.

EOS 22 features:

– Simplistic design only composing of 3 parts

– No tools required to remove outer tube

– Drastic reduction in weight over factory barrel

– Patent Pending design keeps even High velocity (over 1200 fps) bulk pack ammo subsonic

– Direct barrel replacement for a 10/22™, no machining or modification required (Must use a stock that will accommodate a .920” diameter barrel)

– Full Auto Rated


Caliber: .22LR

Length: 16.5”

Diameter: 0.920

Weight: 19oz

Full Auto: Yes

Rifling: 1:16” 12 Land 12 Groove

Materials :

Barrel and Core – 416 Stainless

Sleeve Grade 9 – Titanium

Endcap Grade 5 – Titanium



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